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Excitement is fever-pitch on the Plains!

The excitement at the Gunadilly Farm Shed Pine Ridge was fever-pitch on Thursday as Blacktown North PS students experienced elements of the Liverpool Plains food source first hand!

Due to rain, the bus carrying 42 students and their teachers drove right into the shed, and within minutes the students were climbing the stockpile of sorghum, handling sorghum and cotton plants, climbing aboard tractors! Like a whirlwind they came, they experienced, they left, carrying show bags of seeds to grow back in their city veggie gardens, full of smiles and laughter, and a new respect for farmers and the job they do to feed us!

Thanks to farmers Tom Bailey and Jamie Hutchins, and to our Program Sponsors for understanding the need to teach Australian students that FOOD SOURCE MATTERS! Thanks also to the Blacktown City Council who sponsor this trip. The Food River Station Education Program understands that an experience such as this is all they need to never again take their Food Source for granted!


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