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Student designs

To drive the learning process, schools teaching the Food Bowl Connection unit have the option to run a branding design competition in class.


The unit culminates in a branding design task, in which students are asked to design a logo and a tagline for produce from the Liverpool Plains, the students’ local area or other focus area chosen by the teacher.


Between 2017 and 2019, Food River Station ran a branding competition on a national level, Brand Muster Challenge. The expansion of the program and inclusion of alternative focus areas has meant that the official Brand Muster Competition no longer runs, however teachers utilising the unit can use this page to provide inspiration for their students in devising their own hi-tech, low-tech or no-tech designs.


These past selections from student's entries into our Brand Muster Challenge reveal their understanding of the Food Bowl Connection Unit and how they connect with the food source environment they have learnt about. We thank all the students and teachers who have got involved in the competition for the past three years!


Our 'Brand Muster' Award was judged by a dynamic panel of prominent judges offering perspectives from all angles - food, farming, design, and education. See the past judges here.

2018 Brand Selection

2017 Brand Selection