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Run a brand design competition

Engage your students further in the classroom by turning the unit task into a competition!


The Food Bowl Connection program culminates in a branding design task, in which students are asked to design a logo and a tagline for produce from the Liverpool Plains, the students’ local area or other focus area chosen by the teacher.

This unit task sees the convergence of multiple study areas - food, farming, design, and education, and enables the students to devise their creative response to environment. Their brand designs help monitor the effectiveness of the course by indicating the level of connection students have with the food source they studied. In so doing, it raises their awareness for food sources in general.

At Food River Station we believe that connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it. We are keen to instil the all-important 'ethic of care' for our food source environments. In doing so, we are also making students aware that all food sources matter! Running a class branding competition will test and verify the effectiveness of the unit, and our philosophy, and drive the learning process.

So go ahead and enjoy designing! 

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My students have never been so engaged! What a great learning experience! We now know Food Source Matters!

Chanelle Littler,

Blandford Public School, Oct 2018

I think the concept looks great. I can imagine the children having lots of fun with it and the logo/tagline fits beautifully with your artistic approach to communicating ideas.

Dr Ann Young, Project Environmental Scientist
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