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What is Food River Station?


A universal term that requires
no explanation


A word that suggests flow, lifeblood, source, connection and destination.


This captures the embodiment of rural values, integrity, time, endeavour and home.  

Uniting the words Food River Station (FRS) embraces three of the four essential components of a food source - Food + Water + Land with the fourth being the skill of the farmer.

Food River Station has been created by research artist, Dr Robbie van Hemert and her team, to give everyday Australians a personal connection with Rural Australia, and promote the value of our food sources through grass roots education.

The Food Bowl Connection education unit was established in 2017 and has educated more than 3,000 students. Dr van Hemert believes a deliberate single focus is the most effective way to establish this critical connection, hence the unit’s resources focusing on the magnificent Liverpool Plains Food Producing Region of NSW. Robbie also understands the benefits of teaching through a local lens, and that’s why the unit has been updated (in 2020) to have this flexibility.


Robbie lives with her family on the Liverpool Plains and also has a business selling prints and items decorated with her botanical and Liverpool plains-inspired artworks.


Food River Station actively seeks to partner with anyone who has a shared belief in the importance of understanding where our food comes from, so we can care for and support the ecosystem where it's produced.

We must connect people that matter to places that matter, to ensure care for these places.
Dr. Robbie van Hemert,
founder of Food River Station
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