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The all-important ‘Ethic of Care’

In my last Blog I wrote…

When recording the story of individual properties, I have seen the capacity of the human spirit to lovingly create a territory, a habitat, a truly beautiful place, often times under extremely difficult conditions, when driven by their yearning for “home.”

To explain further -

The capacity of the human spirit

Of course, there is also evidence of abandoned dreams and derelict buildings in the Australian Bush, but it is the positive aspect of human nature that I choose to showcase.

To lovingly create …a truly beautiful place

Growing an Intimate knowledge of land over time, and developing ways to make it both productive and aesthetically pleasing.

Driven by their yearning for “home”

The sanctity of home/heaven) but also a sheltered (from the elements), safe corner of the world to nurture family, to be at peace.


The beautiful Mooki Springs Homestead, Liverpool Plains NSW

I found inspiration in this ‘ethic of care’ which is so evident in the older homesteads of Australia, particularly where homes had passed through generations of hands. This element I search for in rural properties I visit and record, new and old. These secrets hold great carrying power in a story.

I really try to emphasise this all-important code of care in all my Food River Station Projects, for example accessing the ethic of caring for food source is the purpose my education program, Food Bowl Connection.

Let’s look at ways this evidence of care reveals itself in homesteads of rural Australia in next week’s BLOG.

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