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‘Ethic of care’ reveals itself in gardens of Rural Australia

There is so much evidence of ‘connection to place’ in rural properties. Farmers come to know every inch of the land intimately. Landmarks on the property relate to time with family, friends, and animals - favourite walks, picnic spots, and carefully chosen animal grave sites. The connection is deep. Everything holds meaning.

Obvious physical accomplishments such as a robust set of cattle yards, a magnificently cared for paddock, plantations of trees, a beautiful dry stonewall, a sweeping well-planned garden, represent significant milestones reflecting both the effort and joy of creating ‘home’.

But sometimes it is in the detail that the ‘ethic of care’ best reveals itself. There is no better place than the country garden to find this attention to detail! A perfectly placed urn, a vista between trees, an archway leading to rooms within the garden, bird baths, everything has been carefully considered and

lovingly positioned to capture the admirer’s imagination. It doesn’t just happen. Someone over the years had an eye for beauty, and now that beauty inspires us!

Remember our philosophy?

‘Connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it’ …so true!

Please, help grow our ethic, comment, share, send me pics of your garden

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