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Do you share our passion for educating young Australians about where their food comes from?

There are hundreds of individuals and organisations that share Food River Station's belief that it is critical for young people to understand where their food comes from. If you are one of them, please lend your support and help us ensure that schools that may not have sufficient funding can access this education unit free of charge.

Support Us

Our Sponsorship Program  


Whether you are an individual, a small business, a large corporation or a philanthropic foundation, you can support our mission to teach this generation of young Australians that Food Source Matters, by sponsoring schools to undertake the Food Bowl Connection unit.

We will thank you prominently on our website and social media (if you wish to be named), and you will have made a contribution to the future of sustainable Australian agriculture and the education of our young students.


We can also provide you with a fact sheet about Food River Station, the Food Bowl Connection unit and the Liverpool Plains Broadacre Food Bowl, as well as quotes and material to use in your press release or other communications materials.

Download our Sponsorship Agreement.

Bronze supporter

An individual sponsorship of just $250 provides a school with

unlimited use of the

unit for one year.

Silver supporter

A group sponsorship of $500 to $2,500 provides 2 to 10 schools

with unlimited use of the

unit for one year.

Gold supporter

Our farthest reaching sponsorship of $5,000 plus provides 20 or more schools with unlimited use

of the unit for one year.

In kind support

Local Liverpool Plains businesses and farmers have been generous in supporting our Farming Community Sponsorship program. At present, together they support thirty schools each year with unlimited use of the Food Bowl Connection unit for free. This program has the added benefit of giving schools their own farmer to liaise with during the unit.

If you are a Liverpool Plains business or individual that would like to help the next generation, either through a financial donation or through hands-on experience, please contact us.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our photographer friends Sally Alden of  Sally Alden Photography and Manus McFadyen for the use of their work across our website and resources.

Gifts from the Majestic Liverpool Plains Food Bowl

Research-artist Dr Robbie van Hemert's original artwork adorns a selection of giftwares that you can purchase here.

"We may be a small rural community but by sending transportable and meaningful 'thank you' gifts from the Majestic Liverpool Plains Food Bowl of NSW, we can connect more people to this precious place. Why?

Because at Food River Station we believe that connecting with a place is fundamental to caring from it."

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Thankyou to our 2021 sponsors.

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Silver Supporters

Jack's Creek

Carmyle Veterinary Services

Jan Cree - Miller's Creek Station
Blacktown City Council 

Bronze Supporters

Connamara Partnership

Sally Alden

Tom Bailey

Liverpool Plains SOS

Jane Giles

Quirindi Pharmacy

Dave and Liz Brownhill and Family

Di Skalla

Plains Pantry


I have really enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Plains as I didn’t know where it was or what was produced there prior to this unit. Now I know all of the different crops that are grown in the plains such as canola, sunflower, wheat, corn and sorghum. These are then used to make many of our foods that we eat daily.

Emma (Year 6), Woolomin Public School, 2017

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