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Connection to Place

Why my interest in connection to place?

A feeling of urgency drives me to contribute to a dialogue that may assist in mediating our pressing need to understand, and thus care for the environment.

I believe that the land is in dire need of a voice which depends on our ability to assess the land’s welfare, and interpret its needs. As an artist-researcher, I felt I could use my skills to help.

To develop my process of land recording, I undertook a PhD in Creative Practice exploring fact, emotion and engagement in relation to 4 vastly different environments.- National parkland, rural, mining, and channel county. 'Land Biography,'™ my resulting process of land recording, is a holistic approach to representing places.

As a farmer, my field of interest is Rural Land as it is our future food source,

I use the Liverpool Plains Region of NSW specifically as the vehicle to represent and explain large scale agriculture/food source.

The outcomes of my 3-year research project working with famers, environmental scientists, and the local community to understand why this world class food source include

  1. An exhibition of artworks and Opening Event in Sydney

  2. An education program for schools

  3. A change of address. (I was so taken with this place we brought a fam here. That in itself speaks volumes about connection to this place!​

  4. Articulation of my philosophy as driving force of all my projects

  5. ‘Connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it’

I am keen for you to reassess your attachment to place, how you value and understand it, and your relationship to it, through places you know. I want you to really understand the significance of connection to place so we can grow our ethic.

The purpose of my Blog is to show you parallel connections to place, in particular connection to home and to places of travel, connections you have all experienced.

So watch this space each week!

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