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Food Bowl Connection Unit Sample

Now with 3 Choices of Focus!

#Liverpool Plains Region of NSW

#Student's local area

#Your chosen area of focus


The Food Bowl Connection Unit comes complete with Rubric Assessment and Student Task Sheet.


 The program incorporates:

#Flexible unit task with focus on either the Liverpool Plains,
students’ local area, or your chosen area of focus.

#Aligned with NSW, Vic, WA & Australian Curriculums

#Adaptable Teaching Unit for Years 5,6,7,8,9 

#Agriculture, Geography, TAS, Humanities & Social Sciences

#Unique Comprehensive Resources

#Designed by renowned curriculum development expert Angela Colliver

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The methodology used is 'Project-based Learning,' so students drive their own enquiry using a central question and scenario.

The program is based on a 3-year research project working with farmers, environmental scientists, and local community to understand why the Liverpool Plains is such an amazing food producing region, and one that should never be compromised. It has been a 15-year battle to save the Plains, but the Food Bowl of Australia remains under threat from coal and gas mining today! Sadly, food sustainability remains a critical issue Australia-wide that must be addressed. 


Learn about the importance of the initial deliberate single focus on Australia’s world-class Liverpool Plains Region, where Food Bowl Connection's creator Dr Robbie van Hemert resides, by watching the video below, then download the Unit Sample to see if it fits your curriculum.


Robbie developed the 'Connection Process"through her PHD research, to link people to places in need of care.


"That's why my aim in this Program is to connect the people who eat the food with the people who grow the food! I invite teachers to use our Liverpool Plains Template to facilitate teaching food sustainability through their local lens for the ongoing benefit of us all!"

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Further Information

The Food Bowl Connection Unit retails for $250 per year. This gives schools unlimited use of the  program for one year, meaning schools can use the program across classes and subjects as they wish, making it manageable for schools to cover, and cost-effective.This price includes access to our multimedia resources to enable engaging delivery. The Unit is available for immediate purchase and start. You will receive an invoice with our ABN number with your online payment. We can also invoice your school directly. Once payment has been made, we will send you the program login details. Please let us know if you have any questions.


We also run a Sponsorship Program in conjunction with the unit. Eligible schools (mainly small schools) can enjoy unlimited use of the the unit for one year for free! So please ask about eligibility.


Still unsure? Just scroll down and see our depth of testimonials and media links. They speak for themselves! 

I can fully vouch for the ethics and intent behind the program and the amazing resources both written and physical that are available to those who participate. It is a wonderful journey students go on when they participate in your Food Bowl Connection Program. 

Deborah Johnson Head Teacher Special Education,Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College,11th November, 2020

Australia's food bowl is the subject of an education unit sweeping schools across Australia.

Watch the Prime 7 News segment on Food Bowl Connection and the Brand Muster Challenge, September 2017.

Watch Gemma present her entry for the Brand Muster Challenge competition. 

I have enjoyed the Food River Station work. I have learnt about advertising and designing logos plus I have learnt more about the Liverpool Plains food bowl.

Ben Stockwin,

CEO of PIEFA & Brand Muster Judge

Christine Manfield

One of Australia's greatest Culinary Ambassadors & Brand Muster Judge

Media Response

Total current media audience of 500,000



Prime 7 News Bulletin



ABC Regional Radio
Interview with Caitlin Furlong 
20 September 17




'Food Bowl Connection between Liverpool and Blacktown',

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Agriculture Showcase Shines
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Farming Food and Our Future – 12,000 Facebook views


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Molly van Hemert, 
Bronze Sponsor

Face of 'Brand Muster'

Also known as the Brand Muster Kid

“I have really enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Plains as I didn’t know where it was or what was produced there prior to this unit. Now I know all of the different crops that are grown in the plains such as canola, sunflower, wheat, corn and sorghum. These are then used to make many of our foods that we eat daily.”

Emma (Year 6), Woolomin Public School, 2017

“It is a very relevant, critical, and contemporary unit for Australia as it provides students with a major insight into the demands on the farming and rural sectors, and how crucial food bowls are for the future sustainability of the country.

Fiore Stanizzo,

HSIE Co-ordinator, Holy spirit College.

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