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Food River Station's

Food Bowl Connection Unit

The Food Bowl Connection Unit and Rubric Assessment focuses on the wonderful Liverpool Plains Food Bowl

(food producing region) of NSW. The name “Food Bowl Connection” signifies an association between our personal food bowl (the ones we eat from every day) and the Liverpool Plains Food Bowl - Australia’s biggest food bowl.  We all benefit from the outstanding Liverpool Plains food source.

Farmers understand its value, and are eager to impart this understanding to fellow Australians.

What better place to start than with our younger generation of Australians?  

Together we grow empathy for Australia's

Majestic Liverpool Plains Food Source

We need this place!

This Unit is Unique



The Unit brings big issues to the attention of our young Australians

   What is Agriculture?

   What is a Food Bowl?

   What is a Broadacre Food Bowl ?

   Does it affect me?





PRIME TV Interview with Dr Robbie van Hemert,

creator of the program, September 2017


#Aligned with NSW & Australian Curriculums

#Adaptable Teaching Unit for Years 5,6,7,8,9 

Agriculture, Geography, TAS, Humanities & Social Sciences

#Unique Comprehensive Resources

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Unit Cost per school for one year subscription unlimited use

    $250 (GST Free) -

Now Free to sponsored schools













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Key Features Of The Unit Include:

 1. Topic of great social, cultural and political importance (food security, mining etc) and relevant to children’s lives.

2. Dynamic and challenging unit and one that teachers and students will find both engaging and rewarding.

3. Introduces new skills in research and design, and new concepts - What is agriculture, what is a food bowl, what is a broadacre food bowl? And how does it affect me?

4. Based on 4 years of comprehensive research with environmental scientists, farmers, and local community. This research was showcased at National Trust in Sydney as an exhibition of artworks in 2015, giving the unit a body of unique resources of high quality. 

5. Developed with Year 6 Quirindi Primary School students adding appeal to the similar-aged targeted school groups.

6. Written by Angela Colliver, renowned curriculum writer and education consultant. (Angela’s commissions include PIEFA, George the Farmer, Dairy Australia, Art4Agriculture, Australia Pork LTD).

7. Aligned with both Australian and NSW Curriculum - Stage 6 in Australian Curriculum for Technologies and Humanities and Social Sciences, and Stage 4 in NSW Syllabuses for Agriculture Technology and Geography 

8. Trialled in a selection of schools to ensure the unit is both teacher and student friendly, and an easy to use online course.

9. The Food Bowl Connection Unit was presented at the recent International PIEFA Conference in Canberra in May 2016, and is now supported by PIEFA through the Prime Zone Portal

10. All schools purchasing the unit have the opportunity to enter the Inaugural Australian Junior Food Brand Award to be judged at the Quirindi Spring Show on Saturday 9th September. Entries must be in by end of term 2.


From Sally Alden's 2017 Interview with NEGS Year 7 Year Advisor, Ingrid Steddy

CAFS, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts and Design Mandatory Teacher.
NEGS Armidale

What is the most appealing thing so far about the unit for the students? 

It is the accessibility of the concepts for our students. Food miles, healthy sustainable farming practices, and knowing a food source, the importance and value of being able to market, produce and develop consumer loyalty and understanding of the products that come from behind the farm gate in a particular region. Most students were not aware of the Liverpool Plains Food Bowl.


Student comments

“I have really enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Plains as I didn’t know where it was or what was produced there prior to this unit. Now I know all of the different crops that are grown in the plains such as canola, sunflower, wheat, corn and sorghum. These are then used to make many of our foods that we eat daily”.

Emma (Year 6) Woolomin Public School 2017

Scroll down to see more about our initial Brand Muster Competition and wonderful endorsements for the unit from our high calibre judges

After piloting the new unit Food Bowl Connection I have

discovered a new and engaging resource that the students

really enjoy. Every school should try it!

Heidi Mitchell, Year 8 Teacher, New South Wales.

I’ve just had a look at the teaching unit. It certainly is comprehensive and of excellent quality. It has lots of options for activities and teachers like this as it allows them to tailor it to their needs/students needs. It’s got the creative side of things covered too, which is a real plus. I’m sure the unit will get a positive response. It’s great to see good ideas coming from people outside of teaching.


Kerry Goonan

HSIE Department

The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS)

The recent

2017 InauguRAL Australian 

Junior Food Branding Competition

"Brand Muster"



Food River Station was thrilled to announce its 2017 Inaugural Australian Junior Food Brand Award,

Brand Musterrun in conjunction with our new Food Bowl Connection Unit.


As part of the unit, students are asked to design a logo and a tagline for the Liverpool Plains Produce. This year for the competition their designs then became automatically eligible for the 'Brand Muster' Award, and were judged by a dynamic panel of prominent judges offering perspectives from all angles - food, farming, design, and education. Winners were announced at the Quirindi Spring Show on 9th September 2017. The purpose of this competition was to showcase the the local community.It was a great success!


The unit task is very important because it validates the unit and the region, & It also shows us how well the students have connected with the Liverpool Plains - the very purpose of the unit!

Endorsements from our judging panel

Fiona Simson -

The farming perspective












High-profile Liverpool Plains Farmer & President of National Farmers Federation

Fiona Simson lives and works with her family on "The Plantation", a 5500ha mixed farming and grazing property near Premer NSW on the western edge of the Liverpool Plains.


With tertiary business education and skills, Fiona’s passion for local food production and the growth and sustainability of rural and regional Australia led to a career in local government as an elected Councillor in Liverpool Plains Shire Council and her appointment to the NSW Farmers Executive Council in 2008. In 2011, she became the first woman President of the Association retaining that position for a full four year term.  Fiona consistently lobbies for policy reform at all levels of government to provide certainty and sustainability for rural and regional Australia and the farming industry.


Passionate about the power of a unified voice for agriculture, Fiona also believes in its role in a strong and vibrant future for regional Australia.


Fiona was appointed as a Director of the National Farmers' Federation in 2011, Vice President in 2014, and is now President. Fiona also sits on the Board of NRMA (NSW), the Australian Made Campaign Ltd, and the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund.


Ben Stockwin -

The Education perspective


CEO of Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia.

Ben Stockwin is CEO of the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA), the lead body for food and fibre education in Australian schools. Ben is passionate about supporting teachers to educate young people about food and fibre production.


Ben has many years in education including seven as a classroom teacher and eight as a school principal in Queensland and Tasmania. Ben is also aboard member of the Australian Beef Industry Foundation, a former member of the executive of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders and President of Surfing Tasmania


Jeremy Creighton -

The branding perspective







Creative genius and Director of Passport Brand Designs

An international branding specialist with 20+ years’ experience, Jeremy has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands across America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Driven by a single-minded idea that brand must always come before product or service, Jeremy founded Passport in 2005.


Since then he has immersed himself in the branding of clients such as Coca Cola, Melbourne Football Club, RJ Reynolds and Nestle; forming a creative army of fellow mad geniuses in Australia and California to continue to spread the mantra of ‘brand-first’ design. When he’s not rallying the troops, Jeremy keeps the artistic juices flowing by painting and potting, fueled by coffee from his café, The Common Room.


Josephine Perry -

The all-important restaurateur's perspective






Restaurateur, partner & owner of Missy French, and daughter of famed Neil Perry

JOSEPHINE PERRY descends from restaurant royalty with her father NEIL PERRY been one of Australia’s most famous chefs and restaurateurs.  Her life, from very early on, was spent following him around his iconic restaurant – Rockpool - in the Rocks where they lived, folding napkins from the age of 5, taking reservations when she was 12 and working as a cashier on busy Saturday nights in her early teens. 

In a natural progression, when she was old enough (14 years), she started working after school on Fridays and weekends at Spice Temple in Sydney.  Starting out with polishing cutlery she was under the guidance of the highly experienced manager and started to learn the art of good service – something that seemed to come naturally to her.

At the age of 16, Josephine left school and started working full time front of house at Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney.  Within a very short time she was hosting and training the newcomers.   She went on to open, alongside her Dad, a number of new ventures that included:  Spice Temple Sydney & Melbourne, The Waiting Room Melbourne, Rockpool Bar & Grill in Perth and Rockpool 1989 Sydney.    Then more recently the first Burger Project in World Square, Sydney where she became Manager.

In August 2015, at the age of 21, Josephine opened the doors to her own restaurant – Missy French.  A 115 seat French Bistro with Head Chef - Chris Benedet – joining her from Rockpool. Quite an accomplishment for one so young.

What’s next one may ask ….watch out there will definitely be more to come.

Christine Manfield -

Foodie extraordinaire's perspective











One of Australia's greatest culinary ambassadors, of Masterchef fame

Christine Manfield is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs - a curious cook, a perfectionist inspired by the culinary melting pot of global flavours and textures, and a writer whose successful, award winning books – Dessert Divas, Tasting India, Fire, Spice, Stir, Paramount Cooking and Paramount Desserts have spiced up the lives of keen cooks everywhere.


Her latest book A Personal Guide to India and Bhutan, published in October 2015 is an invaluable and comprehensive travel guide for both countries listing her personal recommendations of where to sleep and eat, what to eat and essential tips, offering a deeper meaning to the travel experience.


As one of Australia’s leading culinary ambassadors, her professional culinary life as restaurateur culminated in three groundbreaking, award winning restaurants: Paramount in Sydney 1993 to 2000, East@West in London 2003 to 2005 and Universal 2007 to 2013. She continues to collaborate with chefs and industry colleagues hosting pop up events in Australia and overseas.


A love of spices and an understanding of the home cook's need for authentically flavoured simple sustaining food led Christine to develop the Christine Manfield Spice Collection range of spice pastes and condiments widely available at retail stores throughout Australia.


An inveterate traveller, Christine continues to broaden her global interests hosting bespoke gastronomic tours to exotic destinations including India, Spain, Morocco, Bhutan, France, SE Asia and Tasmania.

I think the concept looks great. I can imagine the children having lots of fun with it and the logo/tagline fits beautifully with your artistic approach to communicating ideas.

Dr Ann Young

Project Environmental Scientist

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