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I think the concept looks great. I can imagine the children having lots of fun with it and the logo/tagline fits

beautifully with your artistic approach

to communicating ideas.

Dr Ann Young
Project Environmental Scientist


I've just had a look at the teaching unit. It certainly is comprehensive and of excellent quality. It has lots of options for activities and teachers like this as it allows them to tailor it to

their needs/students' needs. It's got the creative side of things covered too, which is a real plus. I'm sure the unit will get a positive response. It's great to see good ideas coming from people outside of teaching.

Kerry Goonan
HSIE Department
The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS)

Food Bowl Connection Unit

At Food River Station, we have created an exciting new resource to inspire a much needed connection between students and a controversial world class Australian food bowl, the Liverpool Plains in NSW.

Given that this place feeds so many people, and that

food is essential for our survival, we need for this place.

By setting a task that requires a deep understanding of the food bowl, a relationship progressively builds between the student and their food source.

The Food Bowl Connection initiative is built around our

belief that connecting with a place is fundamental

caring for it!


Curriculum focus

In the Australian Curriculum this is a unit of work for

Year 6 in Technologies and Humanities and Social


In the Stage 4 NSW Syllabuses this is a unit for Agricultural Technology and Geography.

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