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Food Bowl Connection Unit - Schools Package

Food Bowl Connection Unit - Schools Package




Your purchase provides one school with unlimited use of the unit for one year.


By purchasing and undertaking this unit:

  • You agree to the Terms & Conditions and Copyright as per the Food River Station website.
  • You agree to provide an update to Food River Station about how the unit is received in your school or classroom. This can be in the form of an email, a letter, a story, photos and/or video material. You may provide this update to Food River Station during teaching of the unit, at the end of teaching the unit or more frequently.
  • By agreeing to provide this update you also give Food River Station permission to use the commentary and media you provide on our website and social media channels
  • You agree that if you are using this unit as a resource and inspiration for your own program you will give Food River Station recognition including using our logo in advertising.


Please include your email address in note to seller for delivery of this product.

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