Food Bowl Connection Unit 

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 Unit Features


#PDF of Unit online complete with

Rubric Assessment

Written by

Angela Colliver

Bringing experience, and a contemporary

& innovative approach through

Inquiry-based learning


#Aligned with

NSW & Australian Curriculums


#Adaptable Teaching Unit

For Years 5,6,7,8,9


#Unique Comprehensive Resources

(Listed on LHS)


Unit Overview


A central question and scenario drives the

students task to design a logo and motto for the Liverpool Plains Products


Working individually or in groups

this learning sequence encourages students to understand their personal connections to the Liverpool Plains where Australia’s food and fibre are grown on a massive scale.


It is a dynamic and challenging Unit in which students will grow in both knowledge and skills, 

 With the added benefit of helping farmers

educate others through their task!

Unique Resources


Sourced from the

Land Biography™ of the

Liverpool Plains

Incorporating original artwork by research-artist,

Dr Robbie van Hemert

Resources include

#Introductory video

(A great starting point and giving an overview of the plains and concepts used in course)

#Geological History

#Botanical Images

of crops and crop studies

#Crop cycle powerpoints

#Crop production statistics

#Drone footage

#Library of images of Plains

And more!

Unit Cost

#One Year Subscription

#Unlimited Use

#Password Log in

Cost to School is normally 

$250 GST Free

We offer limited

sponsorship to schools through Food River Link, giving selected schools

 access the unit for free

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Our UNIQUE unit on the Majestic Liverpool Plains Food Source

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