Majestic Food Plains  

                 ...A Land Biography 



Highlighting Artworks from the Exhibition


This Land Biography of the Liverpool Plains Region of NSW was exhibited at the National Trust Centre in Sydney in March 2015. It involved a 3 year research project undertaken with environmental scientists, farmers and local community to raise awareness for this threatened major Australian Food Bowl, and to provide an opportunity for farmers to talk to city folk about what is really going on out here in the bush with our food sources, which are being relentlessly threatened by coal and gas mining.


The Gallery highlights the Botanical Crop Collection, Crop Studies Collection, Herbarium Collections, charts, geographical works, and landscapes (to come) of the region to help the wider Australian community understand why this area is such an outstanding food producing resource, and one that should never be compromised! 


The research now serves as a reference for all our Food River Station Projects on the Liverpool Plains.


Comments on Exhibition

#A wonderful Project - so sensitively conceived & skilfully assembled! (Angela Raymond)

#Beautiful, thought provoking, and inpiring! (Belinda Smith)

#Wow! What an amazing exhibition! Congratulations to you and your team! 

You have taken such an amazing snapshot of the Plains and all it represents. (Amanda Murray)

#Will educate and benefit children, and so well timed!  (Rosemary Milson)

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