Statistics show people today are 3 to 4 generations removed from the farm and don’t know where their food comes from.

As population grows, so does the need to be able to produce enough food for everyone. Food Security is key.

How do we address this spiralling problem?

Look to tomorrow’s influencers and decision makers.

The future of agriculture depends on the next generation.



Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world’ Nelson Mandela


Food security, sustainable Australian Agriculture.

And so many lessons to be learned along the way on care, values, connections, sensitivity for all food sources.


This generation of young Australians can grow up understanding that Food Source Matters!


We are building a movement where everyone plays a key role. Food River Drive is one of the most unique, ground-up, grassroots education & empowerment programs in Australia.

It reaches into schools, businesses, farms, media, celebrity networks, communities, and industry, educating

on the important topic of 'food source.' 

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The Education Program 'Brand Muster Package', focuses on the large scale food production of Australia's world-class Liverpool Plains Food Source. What better place to teach students the sanctity of Food Source?

It features a National Branding Competition, 'Brand Muster' - created to test the effectiveness of the unit, and of our philosophy Connecting to a place is fundamental to caring for it.

Read more about the Brand Muster Package


The program has grown into a unique ‘Scaleable Community Sponsorship Model‘ -

We established a Sponsorship Program 'Food River Link' ensuring that schools can use this vital unit for free. Sponsors are in the main, local Liverpool Plains businesses and farmers. An individual sponsorship package of $250 provides a school with unlimited use of the unit for one year. We have corporate, group, and individual packages available.

Read more about Sponsorship

Our program

Our pilot program has been a great success and is now a proven concept.

STAGE 1: Currently 3,000 students are undertaking the unit. COMPLETED

STAGE 2: To reach 5,000 students by the end of 2019.

And to continue on in achievable increments

Ultimately it is the shared vision & united front driving this mission that makes this impassioned project so unique!


Here’s what one teacher so aptly said about the unit

It is a very relevant, critical, and contemporary unit for Australia as it provides students with a major insight into the demands on the farming and rural sectors, and how crucial food bowls are for the future sustainability of the country.

Fiore Stanizzo, HSIE Co-ordinator, Holy spirit College.

Here’s what one student so aptly said about the unit

I have really enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Plains as I didn’t know where it was or what was produced there prior to this unit. Now I know all of the different crops that are grown in the plains such as canola, sunflower, wheat, corn and sorghum. These are then used to make many of our foods that we eat daily.

Emma (Year 6) Woolomin Public School

Here’s what one sponsor so aptly said about the unit

Education and enlightenment must be the future to open minds for all.

TNB Bailey, June 2018 

If you believe that Food Source Matters
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