Food River Station's

'Brand Muster' Package

We are looking for forward thinking schools and teachers for our rewards-based School's Program

My students have never been so engaged!

What a great learning experience!

We now know Food Source matters!

Chanelle Littler, Blandford Public School, Oct 2018

At last a resource on Sustainable Australian Agriculture where

teachers and students need no agricultural background to participate!

Shelley Simson, Group Sponsor, 2016, 2017

Aligned with the latest

NSW & Australian Syllabus Outcomes


We are on a mission to teach this

generation of young Australians that


At Food River Station, we understand that

agricultural concepts are hard to master.

So we have a created a package using


Currently 3000 students undertaking unit, & heading to 5000 by end of 2019!

Brand Muster Package

Challenging students of all backgrounds to become

'Champions for Sustainable Australian Agriculture'

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For a tour of our 3-Part Package click on each link below

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Food Bowl Connection Unit

Term teaching resource for Stages 3 &4 students.

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Brand Muster Challenge

National Branding Competition open to all students undertaking the unit.

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Incentives for schools, teachers, and students

Opportunities for all involved

Please NOTE

The Unit sample comes with latest

NSW and Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions 


To check that our unit fits

your curriculum


Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world!

Nelson Mandela

I’ve just had a look at the teaching unit. It certainly is comprehensive and of excellent quality. It has lots of options for activities and teachers like this as it allows them to tailor it to their needs/students needs. It’s got the creative side of things covered too, which is a real plus. I’m sure the unit will get a positive response. It’s great to see good ideas coming from people outside of teaching.


Kerry Goonan

HSIE Department

The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS)

I think the concept looks great. I can imagine the children having lots of fun with it and the logo/tagline fits beautifully with your artistic approach to communicating ideas.


Dr Ann Young

Project Environmental Scientist

2016 to 2019 Californian Branding Judge, Jeremy Creighton