Food River Station's

'brand Muster' Package

Food Bowl Connection Unit

Created so that this generation of young Australians can

grow up understanding that FOOD SOURCE MATTERS!


Food Bowl Connection is one of the most unique, ground-up, grassroots education & empowerment programs in Australia. It reaches into schools, businesses, farms, media, celebrity networks, communities, and industry, educating on the important topic of 'food source.'  

Julia Keady, X Factor Collective

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At Food River Station we believe that connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it.

Therefore, our Food Bowl Connection Program focuses on large scale food production in the

World-class Liverpool Plains Food Source.

What better place to teach students the sanctity of Food Source?


It features a National Branding Competition, 'Brand Muster' - created to test the effectiveness of the unit, and our philosophy. It also assists in the learning process.

The outcome we seek in growing our program through schools is to further sustainable Australian Agriculture.

Our pilot program has been a great success and is now a proven concept.

STAGE 1: Currently 3,000 students are undertaking the unit. COMPLETED

We are now ready to move to the next stage

STAGE 2: To reach 5,000 students by the end of 2019.

And to continue on in achievable increments

The Food Bowl Connection Unit

comes complete with Rubric Assessment 

#Aligned with NSW & Australian Curriculums

#Adaptable Teaching Unit for Years 5,6,7,8,9 

Agriculture, Geography, TAS, Humanities &

Social Sciences

#Unique Comprehensive Resources

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PRIME TV Interview with Dr Robbie van Hemert,

creator of the program, September 2017

Become  'Champions for Sustainable Australian Agriculture'

Please NOTE

The Unit sample comes with latest

NSW and Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions  

Check that our unit fits your curriculum.




Aligned with latest NSW & Australian

Syllabus Outcomes

Ben Stockwin,

CEO of PIEFA & Brand Muster Judge

Christine Manfield

One of Australia's greatest Culinary Ambassadors & Brand Muster Judge

Key Features Of The Unit Include:

1. Topic of great social, cultural and political importance (food security, mining etc) and relevant to children’s lives.

2. Dynamic and challenging unit and one that teachers and students will find both engaging and rewarding.

3. Introduces new skills in research and design, and new concepts - What is agriculture? What is a food bowl? What is a broadacre food bowl? And how does it affect me?

4. Based on 4 years of comprehensive research with environmental scientists, farmers, and local community. This research was showcased at National Trust in Sydney as an exhibition of artworks in 2015, giving the unit a body of unique resources of high quality. 

5. Developed with Year 6 Quirindi Primary School students adding appeal to the similar-aged targeted school groups.

6. Written by Angela Colliver, renowned curriculum writer and education consultant. (Angela’s commissions include PIEFA, George the Farmer, Dairy Australia, Art4Agriculture, Australia Pork LTD).

7. Aligned with both latest Australian and NSW Curriculum 

8. Trialled & proven in schools to ensure the unit is both teacher and student friendly, and an easy to use online course.

9. The Food Bowl Connection Unit was presented at the recent International PIEFA Conference in Canberra in May 2016, and is now supported by PIEFA through the Prime Zone Portal

10. All schools purchasing the unit have the opportunity to enter the Australian Food Brand Award, BRAND MUSTER.  Entries must be in by end of term 3.




What is the most appealing thing so far about the unit for the students? 

It is the accessibility of the concepts for our students. Food miles, healthy sustainable farming practices, and knowing a food source, the

importance and value of being able to market, produce and develop consumer loyalty and understanding of the products that come from

behind the farm gate in a particular region. Most students were not aware of the Liverpool Plains Food Bowl.

From Sally Alden's 2017 Interview with NEGS Year 7 Year Advisor 

Ingrid Steddy

CAFS, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts and Design Mandatory Teacher.
NEGS Armidale

Student comments

I have really enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Plains as I didn’t know where it was or what was produced there prior to this unit. Now I know all of the different crops that are grown in the plains such as canola, sunflower, wheat, corn and sorghum. These are then used to make many of our foods that we eat daily.

Emma (Year 6)

Woolomin Public School, 2017


Teacher comments

It is a very relevant, critical, and contemporary unit for Australia as it provides students with a major insight into the demands on the farming and rural sectors, and how crucial food bowls are for the future sustainability of the country.

Fiore Stanizzo,

HSIE Co-ordinator,

Holy spirit College.