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Food River Station's 

Brand Muster Challenge


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The Brand Muster Challenge is the culmination of the Food Bowl Connection unit. 'Brand Muster' has been created to test the effectiveness of the unit, and our philosophy. It drives the learning process and is a chance for students to demonstrate what they've learnt by designing a logo to showcase the Liverpool Plains. 

This is the third year that we've run the competition, which is judged by internationally renowned brand and design experts. Entries are already starting to roll in, with submissions closing Friday 18th September 2020.

In this video, Jeremy explains what he looks for in student's designs.

Meet our international judge for the 3rd year running:

Jeremy Creighton, Creative genius & Director of Passport Brand Designs


An international branding specialist with 20+ years’ experience, Jeremy has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands across America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Driven by a single-minded idea that brand must always come before product or service, Jeremy founded Passport in 2005.


Since then he has immersed himself in the branding of clients such as Coca Cola, Melbourne Football Club, RJ Reynolds and Nestle; forming a creative army of fellow mad geniuses in Australia and California to continue to spread the mantra of ‘brand-first’ design. When he’s not rallying the troops, Jeremy keeps the artistic juices flowing by painting and potting, fueled by coffee from his café, The Common Room.

Photo: Sally Alden
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Conditions of Entry

Entries must be in on Friday 18th September 2020.

  • Each school can enter three designs in total.

  • One in each section - high-tech, low-tech, no-tech.

  • Prizes are divided into Primary and Secondary divisions, giving six prizes of $50 cash in total.


So it's 6 cash prizes for 6 categories!

2017 Winners!

2019 Brand Muster Challenge Awards!

Brand Muster Kid

Thanks to our ‘Brand Muster Kid’ who presented our awards this year all the way from Africa, for encouraging contestants to reach their potential in creating designs that resonate care for food source. You truly are an inspiration to the students!

Teachers & 


Thanks also to all our enthusiastic teachers who transfer and reinforce valuable information on Food Source Matters! You help make it happen!

We really appreciate what you do!

Thanks to all students who entered the Brand Muster Challenge. What a great job you all did! You are now all Champions of Sustainable Australian Agriculture!

Jeremy Creighton

Thanks from us all to Jeremy Creighton, our Californian Branding Judge from Passport Designs for his invaluable contribution to our Brand Muster Challenge each year. We are so lucky to have Jeremy’s support

and expertise!


Brand Muster Challenge Winners!

Click on images below to view judges' comments

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Inspiration from the 2018 Brand Selection

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