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Brand Muster Challenge

The Brand Muster Challenge is an annual school national branding competition that forms part of the Food Bowl Connection unit.


As part of the Food Bowl Connection unit, students are asked to design a logo and a tagline for Liverpool Plains' produce. Their designs then become automatically eligible for the 'Brand Muster' Awards, and are judged by dynamic and prominent judges, offering perspectives from all angles - food, farming, design, and education.

At Food River Station we believe that connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it. As our Food Bowl Connection Program focuses on large scale food production in the world-class Liverpool Plains Food Source, we are keen to instill the all-important 'ethic of care' for this food source environment. In doing so, we are also making students aware that all food sources matter! 'Brand Muster' has been created to test and verify the effectiveness of the unit, and our philosophy. It also drives the learning process.

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My students have never been so engaged! What a great learning experience! We now know Food Source Matters!

Chanelle Littler,

Blandford Public School, Oct 2018

2017 Winners!
Photo: Sally Alden

Conditions of Entry

Entries must be in on 18th September 2020.

  • Each school can enter three designs in total.

  • One in each section - high-tech, low-tech, no-tech.

  • Prizes are divided into Primary and Secondary divisions, giving six prizes of $50 cash.


So there are 6 cash prizes for 6 categories!

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Our 2019 judge is Jeremy Creighton, Creative genius & Director of Passport Brand Designs


An international branding specialist with 20+ years’ experience, Jeremy has worked with some of the world’s most successful brands across America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Driven by a single-minded idea that brand must always come before product or service, Jeremy founded Passport in 2005.


Since then he has immersed himself in the branding of clients such as Coca Cola, Melbourne Football Club, RJ Reynolds and Nestle; forming a creative army of fellow mad geniuses in Australia and California to continue to spread the mantra of ‘brand-first’ design. When he’s not rallying the troops, Jeremy keeps the artistic juices flowing by painting and potting, fueled by coffee from his café, The Common Room.

I think the concept looks great. I can imagine the children having lots of fun with it and the logo/tagline fits beautifully with your artistic approach to communicating ideas.

Dr Ann Young, Project Environmental Scientist
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