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Location - Overlooking the Majestic Liverpool Plains, NSW

Imagine extensive horizontal treeless landscape scattered with islands and ridges, not unlike a seascape.

The sea representing the expansive seedbed of immaculate rows of seedlings planted inches apart as far as the eye can see to a vanishing point on the horizon, everchanging with time to become a prolific, massive expanse of colour and texture.

Magically, and as if from nowhere, appear the magnificent maturing seed heads that ultimately become our food.

This is big food country, large scale food production at its best!  

(Dr Robbie van Hemert, National Trust 2015) 

Below right is an artis't version of the satellite map (left). It shows the Ranges (the New Enland Range to the east, and the Liverpool Range to the south, (with its distinctive fishtail formation). These ranges are responsible for the magnificent seedbed, the cracking, self- mulching black soils, the precious shallow aquifers, and the scattered islands and ridges, all signature features of the plains.

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