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Teaching Young Australians that Food Source Matters

Food River Station offers a unique education package for schools, challenging students
of all backgrounds to become champions for sustainable Australian agriculture.

Teaching Young Australians that Food Source Matters

Statistics show people today are three to four generations removed from the farm and don’t know where their food comes from. As Australia's population grows, so does the need to be able to produce enough food for everyone. Food Security is key.

We are building a movement based on a shared vision to see young Australians educated on the much-needed 'ethic of caring' for food source environments, through a national grassroots education program called Food Bowl Connection.

Taking an integrated learning approach, we connect people that matter to places that matter, to ensure they are maintained and sustained. Our program has a unique structure that generates strong city-country connections, reaching teachers and students of all backgrounds, irrespective of their connection to large-scale agriculture.


Food Bowl Connection is an adaptable 12 week teaching unit for Years 5,6,7,8 and 9, aligned with the NSW, WA, Vic and Australian syllabuses. The unit is built around the magnificent Liverpool Plains Food Producing Region of NSW – a critical food bowl.

The program culminates in a branding task which uses the concepts of design to bridge the gap between young Australians and their food source. Introducing a creative aspect is an innovative way to make teaching and learning large scale agricultural concepts easier, especially for teachers and students with little or no agricultural background.


It allows students to showcase a creative response to environment, and the task can be devised around the unit focus area of the Liverpool Plains or through a local lens.

Currently 6000 students are undertaking our program and we are heading to 7000 by end of 2023!

Challenging students of all backgrounds to become Champions of Australian Agriculture

Have you heard? Our website is an example of award winning communication for web! Read about our exciting news here.

NEGS is pleased to be involved in the Brand Muster for our third Year. This completion provides our student with opportunities to explore food source and how that impacts on our environment. 


At NEGS, some of my Year 7 class live within the Liverpool Plains region and board at the school. Most students who attend the school that live in other areas of Regional NSW and QLD. These students see the importance of designing a ‘Brand' that represents the very food that their families produce. They then see the relevance of marketing produce that is sustainably grown, that can be identified as coming from a particular region. This regional identity can be provide consumers with confidence in the product, is a strong selling point and provides opportunity for a brand loyalty to develop. Students at NEGS enjoy designing Brands about the food that their families produce by using the latest technology.

It will allow your students to consider where their food comes from. No better place to start than with the Liverpool Plains, as the region produces environmentally sustainable food for all people to enjoy.


Ms Ingrid Steddy

CAFS, Textiles and Design teacher, NEGS, Armidale, NSW

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